Telecommunication in India

Due to increase in the advancement of digital and electronic communication, the popularity of the subject of telecommunication in India is increasing day by day. The students who take up the subject of telecommunication are basically taught the technology and the application of the various devices for telecommunication used in our daily life. The devices that are generally included in telecommunication are cable T.V, computer networking, working of the satellites, mobile phones, radar, navigational tools and such. The students learn the technique of application of mathematical logic with respect to industrial conditions.The engineers of telecommunication India are specially educated in communication oriented technology that includes the skill of public speaking, project management, technical writing and such. They have also a detailed knowledge on various hardware as well as software devices of the computing world. The engineers are thoroughly made aware of the C programs.The minimal eligibility required for a student is to appear for various entrance examinations that are shortly held after the board examinations of the higher secondary level. To sit for the entrance examination one must have physics, chemistry and mathematics as their compulsory subjects in their 10+2 level. To earn a post graduation degree a student must have a B.Tech degree in telecommunication from a University which is recognized by the A.I.C.T.E or All India Council of Technical Education.The following are some of the aspects of the course of telecommunication in India.o The students learn how to design, install, troubleshoot and regulate the system of networking.
o Apart from hardware and software applications the students are also taught the various technologies related to mobile telephony that include wireless communication, internet protocol media system, GSM architecture, CMDA, symbian operating system, voice over internet protocol, GPRS network, optical network designing and analysis and designing of data Network.The Telecommunication Institutes in Indiao APS Rural Engineering College, located in Bangalore
o Amity School of Computer Sciences, located in Noida
o Atria Institute of Technology, located in Bangalore
o B M S College of Engineering, located in Bangalore
o Bengal Engineering College, located in Howrah, West Bengal
o Bangalore Institute of Technology, located in Bangalore
o Government College of Engineering, located in Karad
o Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre, located in Jaipur
o Model Polytechnic College, located in Kannur Dist
o University Institute of Engineering & Technology, located in Chandigarh
o Vivekananda Institute of Technology, located in BangaloreThere are lucrative job openings for the students of telecommunication engineering in both India and abroad.

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